As Real Estate Professionals, we are here to assist you with everything real estate related. Pick the option below on how we can best serve you.  Also please answer the following questions in the where are you looking box below that will help me assist you in finding the perfect home.

Credit is one of the primary factors in finding you a home.  What is your credit score and if it is below 650 are you working on bringing it up?

Time frame.... Different programs have different timeframes to accomplish such as Buying a home which takes normally 30-45 days, rent to own homes typically take 60-90 days, and rentals which can take less than a week for approval.  When would you like to be in your new home?

(Rent) If you are looking for a traditional rent and want to see an up to date list of ALL current rentals available, Click Here

(Rent to Own) Some people dream of homeownership, but aren't in a financial position to do that yet. We have an awesome program in place that gives you a place to live (renting), with the option of buying it at the end of your lease! If that interests you please Click Here

(Purchase a Home) Many of my clients are surprised when they learn they can own for about the same as renting with alll the no money down options and with interest buydowns they become owners click here to learn how to stop paying your landlords mortgage. Click Here

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