"Embarking on a Journey to Homeownership and Relocation"

I'm thrilled to kick off my first weekly blog post and share my enthusiasm for the incredible opportunity I have to make a meaningful impact through my real estate career. Many of you may have known me as Chief Master David Berry, but now I go by David, the Master of Building Dreams.


Just last month, I had the privilege of assisting 12 individuals with their real estate needs. Among them were two new home buyers, one successfully closed listing, and nine people who found rental homes for the upcoming year while we work on their journey to becoming homeowners.


Two weeks ago, I had the honor of traveling to Florida to meet with some of the premier realtors in Orlando. In my capacity as the National Relocation Director of Leaving California, I had the opportunity to connect with experts in the field. Today, I'm on my way to Phoenix to showcase our esteemed realtors in the Phoenix metro area. Being able to extend my assistance both locally and nationally is a true blessing.


My mission is crystal clear - I want to help people break free from paying their landlord's mortgage and instead, start building equity in their own futures. Every day, I engage with clients, discussing the steps needed to achieve this and guiding them in crafting a plan to become homeowners.


In these challenging times, it's become more evident than ever that my role goes beyond transactional assistance. I must be there for my clients, offering unwavering support as we navigate through the turbulent waters of the real estate market. Persistence and a well-structured plan are key, and I'm here to help clients understand that homeownership, often seen as unattainable, can indeed be within their reach.


To all the members of Leaving California Facebook groups, this weekly blog is dedicated to you. Your courage in leaving difficult situations and starting anew in vibrant communities is admirable. I want you to know that I'm here to be your guide on this path of relocation. The journey may have its challenges, but the rewards, I assure you, are immeasurable.

 David Berry  Email [email protected] and direct phone 702-374-1771


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